Barber Chairs – 7 Tips for Selecting Stylish Barber Chairs for Your Spa and Salon

The world of fashionThe business of making people look beautiful is very rewarding both in terms of satisfaction and revenue. It is of paramount importance that a spa and salon owner takes utmost care to provide the best service to his clients, at the same time making the salon look attractive. Beauty furniture comes into play here.Beauty for SalonsAt the very beginning, attractive and exquisitely designed salon reception desks could set the ambience to the entire salon. While lighting and interior d├ęcor make up for most of the attractiveness, what really catches the eye of a customer is a stylish barber or salon chair. This is one basic necessity included in salon furniture.Features to look for while selectingHere are seven tips that may help you choose the perfect barber chairs for your salon:1. The most important feature of good barber chairs is comfort. Considering that a lot of time is spent in and around the barber chair, comfort should be viewed not just from the customer’s point, but also from your point as you work on their hair. You have to ensure that the customer will be well and comfortably seated and at the same time, it should be easy for you to maneuver around the customer enabling you to do your job in a hassle-free manner.2. Being one of the most important hair salon equipment the styles of the barber chairs are important too. When selecting a stylish barber chair, remember to choose styles that compliment the theme and lay-out of your salon.3. Keep in mind that bold colors may not necessarily work out for all salons. Choose the color you feel is best, depending on the locality that the salon is located in and also the latest trending colors.4. Size of the chair is also important. Choose a size that retains the style and comfort of the chair while giving you ample space to move about in the salon. A cramped salon with not enough space to move about is not advisable.5. Ensure that the material of the chair is one that does not stain easily, as you will be using a lot of chemicals. It is best to opt for a material that repels moisture rather than absorb it.6. It would be convenient if the chair is one with all the latest features such as reclining abilities, hydraulic pumps, padded armrests, angled footrests, cushioned for seating comfort etc.7. Last but not the least is the price and durability of the chair. Make sure that you get value for the money that you spend. Choose barber chairs that suits your budget and has long durability.

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